For most of us the signs of ageing are lost in the many years as they pass by. We see ourselves in the mirror and only gradually notice the changes as they happen. It isn’t really that much of shock. But then one day we look at a photo of ourselves from years gone by and we wonder how we didn’t notice. Because the facts are that once we pass the age of 30, the facial changes associated with ageing really start to become noticeable.

At age 30

This is the start of wrinkling around the forehead, mouth and eyes. While relatively unnoticeable at this point, these lines will be worse if you are a smoker or regularly lie out in the sun. At this stage you may want to consider some botox or fillers. Alternatively, a really good beauty routine such as our SkinCeuticals range would be ideal.

At age 40

You may now notice that your eyelids have started to droop, giving your eyes a hooded look. You may have crowsfeet lines around your eyes and deeper set wrinkles across your forehead and around the mouth. In particular you may have vertical lines around your lips and from the nose to the mouth. You may also notice a general loss of elasticity.

While continuing with your skincare routine is important, it is now that other treatments and procedures will become more effective. Botox is excellent at reducing and even eliminating forehead, eye and mouth wrinkles, while fillers can smooth the skin across the cheeks. Chemical peels and other non-surgical techniques can help improve any saggy or mottled skin issues.

At age 50 or 60

This is when you may start to feel that the ageing process is hitting you full force. Your face may have begun to sag significantly, giving the impression of jowls and double chins. Your cheeks may have a sunken appearance and you eyes will be hooded, giving the impression that they are more sunken. The lines that began in your 30’s will now be pronounced.

You now have many options available to you. These may include fillers such as Juvederm for deep wrinkles, restructuring of the cheekbones and jawline, mini-facelifts and eye surgery to open up the eye once more. Many of these procedures are simple and do not require any more than a local aesthetic – making them easily achievable in one day for excellent results.

You can achieve beauty at any age by taking the right preventative steps. The sooner you start the better the long term results will be. So give us a call today.