Why do people keep their cosmetic procedures a secret?

Cosmetic surgeries often use the words “discreet” and “private” to ensure their clients feel relaxed about their appointments and their eventual procedures. After all, people don’t like to tell the world that they have had botox or fillers and especially they like to keep major procedures like breast enhancements and rhinoplasties to themselves. But why? These days it is normal isn’t it?

Well it seems not. All too often celebrities are seen entering or leaving cosmetic surgery clinics with their faces hidden under scarves and with dark sunglasses on. Then several weeks later they emerge fully rejuvenated and looking better than ever. We all know what has happened – yet they continue to deny it.

Why do we keep it a secret?

Could it be that people are judged on their beauty and youth or for men, their chiselled jaw, six pack and rugged features? Celebrities in particular are under enormous pressure to look a certain way and rather than enjoy the process of making themselves feel great, they feel the need to offer the world a pretence about what they do to maintain those good looks.

For the rest of us it often feels shameful to admit that we don’t like something about the way we look. If you were to mention to your family or friends that you don’t like your nose or that you wish you looked ten years younger they would tell you not to be silly. So when we make that appointment we feel silly about it – like there is something to justify.

There is also the money factor. Many people (women especially) feel bad about spending money on themselves. Whether it is a weekly facial, regular botox injections or an expensive eye wrinkle cream, we often feel like we don’t deserve these luxuries. Obviously we think that you do.

What is the way forward?

Surely the right thing is to be able to make the choice of cosmetic procedure based on factual information about your procedure, knowledge of what is likely to happen and the outcome and most of all to be secure in the fact that you have made that choice for your own needs. Life dictates that we must look after our own needs before those of others and looking and feeling your best is part of that process.

While we offer the utmost discretion, we also hope that you will feel the confidence to share your experiences with us with the world. When people say “you look well” – wouldn’t it be lovely to say “Yes, I do and you could too”.

Book your appointment with us today and see what you could be shouting from the rooftops!