It happens to all of us at some point in our lives: that feeling that we are getting old. It might be when your joints ache as you get up from the sofa, when you can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning or when you look in the mirror and that first major wrinkle or grey hair streak has finally arrived. For many of us this moment happens when we are still relatively young and have our lives ahead of us and thankfully at a time when there is plenty we can do about it.

The research

Scientists in Japan believe that they have actually found the exact day that we can say we are “ageing”: 35 years and 33 days exactly. They say that from that moment on we have reached the tipping point – the day when it is all downhill and we will look a little bit older every time we look in the mirror.

The study suggested that it wasn’t just the ravages of time that was doing the damage, but the fact that stress and environmental factors would have a stronger effect on our skin and our bodies from that point. This final point hits home to those of us who are in stressful jobs and time consuming families in our 30’s. It makes sense that this will have a major effect.

The solutions

But, whether the specific timing seems right to you and your circumstances, it is a point we will all reach eventually and there are things we can do to delay the inevitable. The most obvious is to avoid stress, eat well, exercise and keep our weight down. But the other is to try and prevent the effects of these things by indulging in skincare and beauty treatments that really work.

These beauty treatments can start with simple cleansing routines, good moisturisers and effective skin treatments. Then it may be time to consider botox as a preventative and chemical peels to recapture that youthful glow. Not only do these options make you feel and look better, they can possibly slow down the ageing process – giving you much longer on the right side of 35 years and 33 days.

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