The medical and health fraternities are part of a multi-million dollar industry which deals with various human maladies. However, a growing holistic approach in certain medical circles includes a preventative approach to disease. Far from simply giving someone a pill today, doctors try to get to the root of the problem.

Disease is literally “dis-ease”, which means the body and mind are out of balance, something that alternative health practitioners have known for centuries.

This has translated into other fields, such as the cosmetic and beauty industries.

One of the trends manifesting itself in 2016 is the idea of combining wellness and beauty, as one and the same concept. This makes complete sense – as inner health, tranquillity and well being reflect out of a person’s eyes, making them beautiful, regardless of physical appearance

Wellness can apply to physical wellness – eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and cutting back on stress – as well emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

Applying cosmetics and dressing well are only one part of beauty. Women in certain cultures, such as Europe and India, know this well and they tend to look more and more beautiful with each passing year, because of their inner balance and serenity.

Salons and spas have embraced the idea of “wellness equalling beauty” and offer a range of treatments and services from reiki to nutritional counselling, yoga and exercise classes, state of the art fitness centres, aromatherapy and reflexology to accompany their facials, manicures and neck and shoulder massages.

Healthy eating has become part of a huge industry and advice on nutrition and lifestyle is part and parcel of a visit to any cosmetic practitioner.

Similarly, improving your appearance through aesthetic surgery is about having as little pain as possible, and being put at complete ease. Today’s approach is an holistic one and patients are talked through procedures, given as much information as they require as well as choices of treatment.

Medi-Clinic offers many “lunchtime procedures”, from threading for a sagging jawline to treating spidery veins or aging, crepey hands to Botox injections. None of them involve downtime or anaesthetics and it is safe to go straight back to work afterwards.

The clinic also offers a free VISIA scan, with a personalised experience tailor made to your needs.

Feel renewed and confident when you visit Dr Anushka Reddy’s clinic in Ruimsig and be part of the wellness and beauty holistic revolution worldwide.