What you want: A radiant looking skin in the middle of winter

How you get it: A glycolic peel

Why it works:

Glycolic acid is a made from sugar cane, and it stimulates skin rejuvenation with a natural and gentle exfoliation action.
The process is simple: by adding a chemical agent to the skin we effectively force news skin cells to the surface. The chemical action removes the outer blemished layers of the skin and essentially forces the body to reveal new skin.

This cycle of skin cells is completely natural and adding the chemical peel quickens the turnover time. The new cells are unblemished and this makes your appearance brighter, your complexion smoother and leaves you with radiant skin.

Tell me more:

On average most patients would require between 4-6 treatments for ultimate results. Glycolic acid treatments are usually spaced 2 weeks apart and each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes.

My patients do report mild tingling, but there is no pain and post peel some fairer skin patients do appear red for a few hours.

When done correctly, there is little or no skin peeling, simply a mild sloughing of the skin. This is great news for those concerned with social downtime.

Costs do vary depending on the patient; the need and how many treatments are required. The key element to remember is to ensure you are fully recovered before your event of big day so planning is essential to achieve the look you want.

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Top tip:
Different chemical peels offer different results. Deeper peels achieve results quicker but with longer downtime. Superficial peels take longer to achieve results but you experience zero downtime. My top tip is to plan your chemical peels to ensure you achieve the result you need within the timeframe allowed, and with as little downtime as possible. Working with a top physician will make these choices easier.

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