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Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations are charged at R1500 and include a 3D Face Augmentation with Botox, Fillers and Skincare as prescribed by Dr. Anushka Reddy.

The 3D simulation allows you to glimpse the changes that are possible before having any actual treatments done.

How does it work?

1. Complete the form and submit
2. You will then be directed to the Medisculpt crisalix page.
3. Follow the instructions with regard to downloading the photos and submit.
4. After photos are submitted, a secure payment link for the consultation fee of R1500 will be emailed to you to confirm your appointment with Dr Anushka.
5. During your appointment Dr Anushka will share the photos LIVE with you and simulate appropriate treatments.

* The consultation fee of R1500 will be deducted from the cost of the filler if you elect to have a procedure.