A woman’s lips should always be a focus of attention for their beauty and allure. Sensual, attractive lips that draw the eye and the imagination in a non-verbal way. But when the lips begin to thin, or lines begin to bleed into the border of the lips, even the most expensive and expertly applied lip make-ups fall short. Lips lacking body and shape and which have lost some of their subtle curvatures and style or become “a thin strip of red” send negative messages that suggest ageing and loss of sensuality. Restoring the lips (or bringing out shapes and fullness that were never really there) brings it all back, and then some.

Lip sculpting is an innovative way of applying an injectable to the components of the lip thus enhancing its attractive features. The volume of the lip can be enhanced to make thin or tight lips more fleshy and luscious. The bottom lip can be accentuated by plumping it so that it becomes more attractive as well.

The most important part of lip sculpting is the creation of a natural cosmetically pleasing result. A successfully sculpted lip should not attract the attention of having been “done” and that is what we are good at!


The Lip Sculpting treatment involves augmenting or adding volume to thin lips. Lip shape can be redefined and enhanced by using Restylane.
Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based gel enhanced with painkilling Lidocaine (a commonly used anesthetic) anaesthetic.

Restylane is the best lip enhancing treatment to reshape perioral areas (the skin around the mouth), to increase the volume of the lips, and reshape them by enhancing the vermilion border (the line that separates the lips and the skin), defining philtrum ridges (the lines that run from your nose to your lips), minimising lipstick bleed lines, and sculpting for optimum shape and size.


The Lip Sculpting treatment takes less than 30 minutes. You can return to your normal activities immediately afterwards.

Restylane provides the most natural looking results with minimal discomfort and swelling after treatment. In addition it’s proven to last for up to 12 months making it the longest lasting product available today.


The Lip Sculpting procedure has minimal side effects. Patients commonly experience slight redness, mild swelling and tenderness around the treated area.

Restylane is enhanced with Lidocaine (a commonly used anesthetic), however, to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, numbing cream will be applied to the area before the procedure begins.


The pricing for the Lip Sculpting and Lip Enhancement procedures starts at R10 000.

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