We are happy to announce a new revolutionary treatment at Medi-Sculpt designed to treat even the most stubborn signs of cellulite.

Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process in the superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue and it alters the texture of the skin. It affects almost 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men and it’s mostly visible on their thighs and buttocks. Even women you see in movies and magazines suffer from this “orange peel” effect – gossip magazines tend to remind us about it every time they display unflattering photos of stars who are caught off guard. Cellulite is often genetic and starts in adolescence and becomes worse with age.  The main characteristic lesions caused by cellulite are: orange peel skin, which is widespread, irregular bumpy skin that alters the whole area affected by the process and the singular introverted lesions caused by retracting fibres, that vary in shape number and appearance.

Women have a higher risk of developing cellulite as their connective tissue and fat cells are arranged differently compared to men. Fat cells in women are arranged vertically under the skin. As they grow, the tops bulge and poke through the tissue layer. Fat cells in men are typically arranged horizontally and lay flat against each other.

It’s important to specify that cellulite is not fat. Fat insulates the body and cushions the organs, nerves, and muscles while supplying your muscles with useable energy. Cellulite occurs in certain areas on the body, such as the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite.

Though diet and lifestyle affect cellulite formation, a large part of cellulite is comprised of toxins and fat that build up in the body and can affect women of any size, weight, and body structure. This in combination with the micro tendons attaching your skin to your body produces the dimpling effect.

Here are 5 ways you can minimise the effects of cellulite:

  • Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body
  • Exercise regularly and include movements such as squats, step-ups, and lunges in your exercising programme
  • Include fruits, vegetables and lean proteins in your diet with moderate carbohydrate intake
  • Quit smoking. Smoking can weaken the skin due to the constriction of capillaries and damage the connective tissue that causes the dimpling effect of cellulite.
  • De-stress. Take a yoga class. Stress can cause muscles to seize up with tension while also causing the connective tissue that covers that muscle to seize up. Tension also blocks the tissue, preventing proper waste elimination and purification.

There are four stages of cellulite development to be aware of:

  • Grade 0: No cellulite present
  • Grade 1: Smooth skin while standing, bumps and dimples appear while sitting
  • Grade 2: Orange peel visible while sitting or standing
  • Grade 3: Orange peel appearance visible while sitting or standing with deep raised and depressed areas

The inward-looking injuries specific to grade 3 are the target of the treatment with Celluerase.

What is Celluerase?

CelluErase is a microsurgical blade treatment specifically designed to erase depressed lesions that results from the alteration of the network of connective tissue strands that tethering the dermis to the deeper layers.

There is a substantial reduction in the fibers, resulting in the skin covering the area in question being deepened (inwards), thus creating the local impressions. A microsurgical blade with a flattened knife is the tool of choice. So, the skin regains the texture and improvement in microcirculation is observed. CelluErase is a new treatment that is most effective in the treatment of cellulite. The impressive results are achieved with a single session, no repetitions are required and no pain.

In a study conducted by Roberto Amore, MD, 200 women between 20 and 55 years were treated in a single session for different dimpling caused by cellulite, using manual subcision administered by Celluerase. Aesthetic outcomes were evaluated by the authors, and the patients assessed satisfaction levels. The medical evaluation of patients saw improvements with an average score of 8.1, whereas the subjective evaluation by patients gave an average improvement score of 7.8.

The study has shown the effectiveness and safety of the manual subcision in the treatment of dimpling. The device used, designed specifically for this technique, has shown itself to be very helpful and effective in terms of practical use, aesthetic outcome and safety, with various advantages compared with other commonly used devices.

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