It’s the millennials, aged between 18 to 34, who run the beauty industry in the 21st century. Studies have shown that their spending power will reach literally trillions of dollars worldwide by 2020.

Thanks to this influential group (of mainly women) brands have to stay on top of social media-driven trends like contouring, strobing and blurring; and naturally it’s the beauty bloggers and YouTubers who drive decisions.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kyle Jenner also influence millennial beauty trends and choices and whatever/whoever is featured on Twitter or Instagram immediately go viral, gathering “likes” as they go.

This is a generation that moves so fast that yesterday’s news is forgotten on someone’s Snapchat feed – which lasts for precisely 24 hours.

On the plus side the millennials, who start wearing make-up between 13 and 17, also follow beauty brands on social media and are intensely beauty savvy and knowledgeable.

With the cosmetics industry firmly under their control, naturally the millennials want to stave off any signs of ageing before it starts to happen.
They prefer to try tiny tweaks to prevent and maintain, rather than resorting to a drastic approach that a much older person might adopt to turn back the clock.


A typical millennial woman will read everything she can find on the internet about plastic surgery and new advances in anti-aging, as she seeks perfection in all areas of her personal appearance. Her favourite movie stars on the red carpet always look flawless, so why shouldn’t she? Even if she does not have a stylist behind the scenes making sure everything is perfect for the cameras, she still wants to look her best at all times, posing with her besties for selfies and updating her profile picture whenever possible.

Her quest for anti-aging products and procedures comes with a twist – preventing wrinkles before they even happen. It’s not the fountain of youth she is after – she wants to look good right now while she IS young.

Medi-Sculpt Clinic, a leader in aesthetics and anti-aging solutions in South Africa based in Ruimsig, Johannesburg, offers its millennial customer base the use of Botox, Intraceutical facials for “red carpet ready skin”, treatment of acne scars, cheek augmentation, eyelash improvement, body sculpting, the use of Obagi products for pigmentation, double chin treatment and many other procedures.

These are the customers that will look fabulous and 20 years younger for most of their lives thanks to such early prevention and improvements.