What a non surgical facelift can do for your self-esteem?

At Medisculpt, we perform hundreds of cosmetic procedures each year. While many of you may be aware of how the procedure will contribute towards improving your overall appearance, not many realize just how much of a boost this procedure can provide for your self-esteem levels as well.

It will give you self-confidence with a much-needed boost

Adults of all ages rapidly begin to lose self-confidence when they start to see the first few signs of aging appearing on their faces and neck areas. This can often result in them withdrawing from social events and activities that they used to enjoy previously. Having a liquid facelift procedure performed will not only help remove the obvious signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes and neck areas; it will enable you to feel a lot better about your overall appearance once again.

It will open many doors such as improve your workplace opportunities

In many cases, people who appear older than they really are because of premature wrinkles find that they are discriminated against when it comes to work-related promotions and regular job interviews – even though this may often be difficult to prove. However, after having a liquid facelift procedure performed, the same people have noted that they usually stand a far better chance of being considered for important promotions or job openings.

Self-Esteem improvements are noticed by various surveys and studies

Study that was carried out by the Center for Human Appearance at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine noted that as many as 87% of candidates who had a face procedure performed experienced significantly improved levels of self-esteem. Their levels of overall body confidence also soared dramatically, especially when the candidates found themselves in social or work-related situations that would previously have been considered as stressful or awkward.

You must not expect miracles

Researchers also noted that the patients who experienced the biggest improvements in their self-confidence were those who did not have unrealistic expectations of what the liquid facelift would be able to do with regards to improving their appearance. This is just one reason why I insist on getting to know a patient before performing the procedure on them, as it will give them an overall idea of what to expect to achieve by having the procedure performed.

There are few points which you should keep in mind

When choosing a cosmetic doctor to perform a liquid facelift, it is important for a patient to base his or her choice on the doctor’s reputation and level of experience instead of the price of the procedure. Patients will also need to follow all instructions given to them by their doctors with regards to post-procedure care.

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