Men take hair loss extremely seriously and are always looking for new developments to stop the process.

Unfortunately many of the procedures available are easy to spot, as transplanted hair does initially tend to look like crop rotation is taking place on the scalp.

A new hair loss reversal treatment with wonderfully natural looking results is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as PRP Therapy.

It is commonly accepted that blood plasma is responsible for wound healing and the process has been used for a number of years in sports injury wound healing on some of the world’s most famous sports stars.

When plasma is mixed with medical growth additives and injected directly into a wound the recovery rate is much faster.

The next logical step was to apply this process in skin rejuvenation for aging skin, and this process has become known as “the vampire facial”, as it involves drawing blood from the patient and then reapplying the plasma back into the skin to kickstart the rejuvenation process.

The next natural evolution was to stimulate the scalp and formulate new hair growth for those suffering from hair loss.

As with traditional PRP techniques, a patient’s own blood is harvested from his body and then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma.

Then, after the plasma is mixed with medical growth factors, a man’s own platelet-rich plasma is re-injected in a series of micro-injections with a thin needle into the scalp and hairline.

The platelets and growth factors in his blood cells, which are re-injected into the scalp, stimulate the stem cells and hair follicles.

This stimulation of the hair follicles initiates a process of healing and tissue regeneration and ultimately new hair growth, all quite naturally.

The system is completely sterile and there is no allergic reaction.

In addition, the process is quick, painless and there is no hospital stay required.

A male patient can look forward to a beautiful full head of hair in three to four months after several treatments.