When it comes to make-up it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and without even realise it, ruin all the hard work we do to keep our skin looking younger. Unfortunately we are all guilty of applying make-up in a way that is ageing and we end up looking older than we actually are. Pretty much a disaster for most women.

So what are the key beauty mistakes many of us are making and what should we do instead?

Too much concealer

As we age our skin will become more sallow and dark circles may become an issue. But your concealer is there to disguise, not hide. Layers and layers of a too light concealer will result in a cakey look that sinks into your eye wrinkles and leaves them more obvious than ever. Try a lighter concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone.

Powder – anything

Whether it is a powder blush or a setting powder, the problem is that it will rest on top of dry skin patches and settle into wrinkles, effectively highlighting these skin issues. You need a perfect base for powder and unfortunately even the best mature skin is not and will never be perfect. Just use a liquid foundation with a cream blush.

Eyebrows that have seen better days

As fashions have changed our eyebrow shapes have changed with them. But for those of us in the more mature age bracket this can mean a distinct lack of eyebrow. The best thing to do is to go to a professional to have them shaped and filled in where necessary. A good brow can give you an eyelift without the scalpel. A little bit of botox will also lift the eyebrow, giving your eyes a less hooded appearance.

Gloss lippy that runs

If you have wrinkles around your lip line, any glossy lipstick will bleed into the lines ruining your lip shape. Using a lip liner is essential, but keeping to more matte shades makes good sense. Additionally lighter colours are less likely to have a noticeable β€œbleed” and are a better choice for us older ladies.

Tired locks

If your hair colour is a mishmash of different experiments with underlying grey, it can be very ageing. In fact, poorly coloured hair looks older than simply embracing your grey. A well defined haircut with grey hair that has been toned silver can look sophisticated and beautiful, as is clearly shown by wonderful older women such as Dame Helen Mirren.

Medi-sculpt want to provide your skin with the perfect base for your make-up, making it easier to get the look you want and to look younger all the time.