2013 – the year of skin rejuvenation

Feedback from IMCAS Paris 2013

With over 4000 attendees from 85 countries it is no wonder why we value IMCAS Paris as the gauge to judge trends in Aesthetic Medicine soon to be available in South Africa and in my practice.
IMCAS is the pooling of qualified minds; doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists all share and promote new products, techniques and procedures to better meet the needs of their aesthetic patients.

This years IMCAS clearly indicated that skin rejuvenation was the hot trend. That coupled with advancing traditional non-surgical procedures into a realm where they can compete in terms of result with surgery will show where to look as an aesthetic patient.

Trends for 2013

Dermal fillers

So what will hit our shores shortly? It is clear to see that the international recession will continue to grow the dermal filler market, as patients cannot afford surgical procedures they will turn to the more cost-effective and non-surgical route. This market has also seen much growth in technique advancements to better mimic surgical solutions.

Facial rejuvenation in the nose, cheeks and chin using dermal fillers will see the biggest growth as doctors embrace this established products versatility.

Improved needling techniques for skin rejuvenation have been a long time in the making.  Mesotherapy has been on the increase due to the continued research and results when rejuvenating the skin and/or treating scars.
Although results are not as pronounced as with fractional lasers needling techniques can offer the patient prolonged skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and elastin growth in the skin.

Machine assisted needling will become a cost effective skin resurfacing and scar treatment procedure during 2013, as now depth and speed can be controlled leading to more predictable results on all skin types.

Weight loss

Physician assisted weight loss programs are all the rage at the moment. This area of aesthetics had massive growth in 2012 and we expect the trend to continue in 2013. Apart from understanding how nutrition can affect skin ageing, your trained physician will now be able to monitor and assist you through a weight loss program.

Medical weight loss means no surgery, no starving and plans to keep the weight off. There are many contenders to the throne of best medical therapy but work with a trained doctor and you will see results.

Social Media

IMCAS Paris listed social media interaction as a highlight factor for growing an aesthetic practice. In 2013 patients will see an explosion of doctors educating patients via social media on latest procedures and techniques.

In South Africa we are governed by strict laws pertaining to our visibility in an online world so expect to see education based posts rather than American hype, which is superb news to the patient.

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Latest advancements

Stem Cell therapy for skin rejuvenation

As with all medical specialities the continued study of stem cells is of great importance and takes centre stage. Stem cell therapy for skin rejuvenation will start to become a treatment option as the price gap narrows between stem cell therapies and traditional Botulinum toxins and dermal fillers.

Treatment developments

Further treatment advances will be made through 2013 in the treatment of both Cellulite and Acne. Many companies have noticed a trend to body procedures and common treatment problems like cellulite and acne and have been investing heavily in the market. Three and five year studies are now becoming available with some superb results. This means more successful treatments will available to treat acne and cellulite in early part of 2013.

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