We are often told that prevention is the only cure and this might be true when it comes to some medical issues. But when it comes to your skin or your body – even the oldest among us can benefit from procedures and treatments at any stage in our lives. In fact, for men and women aged in their 50’s and 60’s it may be the best time to consider having life (and face) changing treatments, because the change you see will be impressive.

Many of you may be thinking…”she is talking about facelifts”. In fact, there are a number of minimal and non-invasive treatments that can produce similar results that are long lasting and suitable even for the older face. These types of treatments offer subtle results that leave you looking refreshed – rather than a transformation that can look too obvious.

The facelift that isn’t a facelift

Our non-surgical facelift treatment, The Liquid Facelift has been providing facelift-like results for women and men for many years and involves the careful use of advanced dermal fillers in conjunction with botox injections. This offers wrinkle busting effects with skin smoothing and lifting.

Help for a thinning face

If you have noticed that your face is starting to thin as you grow older, we have the perfect treatment for this problem too. We use a combination of dermal fillers that we can use depending on the severity of the problem. From the finest of lines through to the deep furrows, we can smooth and plump the skin.

Saggy and baggy?

Finally, one of the main issues that we worry about in our later years is the sagging and bagging that we get around our jawline. This is easily remedied by the use of our V Contour Thread Lift. This treatment uses dissolve-able threads to lift the jawline – a procedure that is much less invasive than a facelift and yet achieves a much more youthful appearance.

So, with just these three treatments you will be able to achieve significant results without surgery. That sounds like a great idea, even if you are entirely new to cosmetic treatments. It is never too late.