As we move from our 20’s into our 30’s and beyond, our skin will start to show some very fine lines and wrinkles. While they may not worry you when you are younger, these same hardly noticeable lines are likely to become more pronounced as you get older. So what do you do?


Well, it is all about prevention, where possible. It really is possible to avoid having these lines appear in the first place and it is even possible to reduce them and keep them from getting worse as you get older.

Prevention is all about looking after yourself. This means a healthy diet that is high in Omega 3’s and low in inflammatory Omega 6’s. This means plenty of oily fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetable and not too many processed foods that use processed oils. Oh, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water – at least 1-2 litres a day.

You also need to nourish your skin on the outside. Even at a very young age, you should be getting into a routine of washing and moisturising your skin at least twice a day. We provide a number of useful preparations that are designed to nourish, protect and plump your skin. Our SkinCeuticals range offers a skincare regime that will prevent damage, protect from further damage and correct any already visible damage.

Our experts are able to help you decide the regime that will suit your skin and can recommend products that will help you to achieve your goals.


While our range of beauty products is ideal for prevention and correction, sometimes a little further help is needed. We also offer a number of treatments aimed at skins that are in need of a little more care and attention. This includes chemical peels which are ideal for sun damaged skin or where the skin has become pigmented. This treatment also works well on fine lines and acne scars.

Of course we also offer botox which is extremely good at smoothing out both fine lines and more pronounced wrinkles. By preventing movement in the areas that are affected, the wrinkles you already have will not get worse and they become much less visible.

The aim for anyone as they age, is to do so while maintaining the beauty we have. Preventing fine lines from becoming worse is a great step towards that ambition and with a little help from us, it really is possible.