An eyelashes’ function is that of the reflex for blinking. They keep harmful and irritating substances out of the eye by acting as a filter / catcher. That said long, lengthy, luscious lashes are something we are envious of and very few of us have. Lengthy lashes are youthful and regarded to be beautifying which is one reason the eyelash market is growing rapidly.

In order to have marvelling lashes, one needs to understand the lash function and process.

Lash function

We are all born with around 150 lash follicles on the top lid and between 60 – 90 on the bottom lid. As the eye orbit grows and the lid itself stretches, leading one to think their lashes are thinning when in fact the lashes are just not as dense. It’s at this stage we start applying mascara which in fact damages the hair and the follicle leading to physical changes to the lashes such as breakage and thinning. This leads to many woman seeking professional help with eyelash serums and lash extensions but are often disillusioned by the maintenance or lack of results seen within the first few weeks. We often ask why its important to have fills or use a product for at least 6 weeks before results can be seen but unfortunately its due the anatomy and physiology of the individual.

Hair Life Cycle
Every hair on our entire body has a specific life cycle. Depending on the area, different hair areas have varying phases ranging from 6 weeks to up to 7 years so lets clarify, the Three main cycles of a hair are as follows:

  • Anagen Phase (the growth phase where the hair is attached to the follicle, receiving nutrients and vital components to make it grow)
  • Catagen Phase (known as the transitioning phase where the lash is no longer receiving nutrients but stays within the follicle. As mentioned this phase or length of this cycle will vary amongst areas but with the lashes this phase lasts about 2-3 weeks. During this stage, a new hair is busy growing under the hair that has matured.
  • Telagen phase (also known as the resting phase can last as long as 100 days, this is the stage hair often falls out but fear not as there is another hair in catagen phase underneath that will shortly come through.)

Studies done on lashes show that the time period a lash takes to develop is roughly 4-8 weeks depending on the individual and therefore your professional advisor will either instruct you to use a lash serum for 3 months to see optimum results or will require that you come for monthly fills if you are using eyelash extensions.

Safe, long lashes – use a certified cerum

Although lash extensions are beautiful and give instant results its vital to note that the glue used to attach that false lash to your natural lash can cause thinning and breakage of the lash and can lead to long term damage.

Lash serums and growth enhancers are a great solution to the problem but woman often give in to mundane application after two weeks and therefore don’t see the promised results. If you are one to use a lash serum there are a number of them on the market. For promised results, we advise that you speak to your Aesthetic Doctor as products in the medical market may be expensive but extensive research and trials have been done and therefore you will get the results you are after. Many salon lash serums require extensive application and although they may be slightly less expensive, the results aren’t as long lasting and the product does not last as long due to the amount of product needed to bring about the result.

Mascara options?

If you aren’t one to “dilly dally” and want a drastic daily enhancement, there are thousands of great mascaras on the market that can do just that for you. Bear in mind those clogging and restricting ingredient that end up destroying the lashes. Use tar free mascara where possible and if you can tint and then gel your lashes, this is far more beneficial and can be done professionally or at home. This process is probably the least damaging in terms of process but it will not lengthen or thicken the lashes the way an eyelash serum would.

Lash serums have ingredients in that encourage the feeding of the lash during anagen phase, giving a far better and deeper nourished lash. Furthermore, lash serums protect the cuticle of the hair, which enables it to strengthen and doesn’t allow for harmful ingredients to penetrate and damage the hair, therefore should be used in conjunction with mascara which will further enhance your natural lashes.

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