The “golden ratio” has probably been applied to the human face throughout the ages –certain measurements which determine a beautiful face – but interestingly enough the ideal of beauty can become the polar opposite of what it was a decade ago.

One hundred years ago women were desirable if they had an hourglass figure, yet one decade later flat boyish flappers with rounded limbs were the IT girls of their time.


What determines these changes? Are they are a socio-economic reflection of our times? The above example certainly was, after the First World War when there was a scarcity of young men. The 1950s went in the opposite direction, by making women look super feminine, and the 1970s ushered in an androgynous look for men and women as women achieved equality and emancipation.


Men on the other hand simply have to be tall and athletic and have a good head of hair to be considered desirable in any age.


In addition to the events of history, cinema and fashion magazines have had a huge impact on the way people want to look and even today we study every detail of an actor or actress’s “look” and try to emulate it.


As the fairer sex women have a great deal of pressure on them. The shape shifting female ideal does not just involve changes of hair and costume, but dictates the entire body shape, the shape of the eyes and the mouth, the bone structure.


The perfect proportions of Cindy Crawford gave way to the asymmetrical look of Emma Stone – poles apart.


Unless you have the look of your time, you can feel as though you are somehow out of sync.


Furtunately we live in an era when diversity is embraced.


Unlike the uniformity of the 1970s when the gap-toothed, flat chested Lauren Hutton flaunted her high cheekbones and boyish body, today a rounder face like Kirsten Dundt, the ultra-curviness of Beyonce, Jennifer Laurence’s girl next door cats’ eyes or even the grungy, eyelinered look of Kristen Stewart is considered attractive.


Again, men have it easier, as it seems to be more a matter of how hairy they are. The hirsute Burt Reynolds has given way to the smooth-skinned Channing Tatum, and a slew of male grooming products.


Instead of being obsessed with the ideal, which literally changes from decade to decade, today men and women can choose to embrace our own quirky individualism and improve on it if we see fit.


Plastic surgery has never been more popular and more accessible than it is today, with a whole range of imperceptible procedures that allow a patient to make minute changes in their appearance that improve their own perception of themselves.


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