1) Does drinking water plump up skin cells, helping to smooth the look of cellulite?

While being properly hydrated will have many skin benefits smoothing of cellulite is not one of them. It is a good idea to remain properly hydrated as this can reduce the onset of wrinkles in the skin.
Cellulite is, for the most part, caused by poor lymph drainage and circulation and simply drinking water will not fix the problem. Rather use exercise and body brushing to improve circulation and lymph drainage and inhibit the formation of additional cellulite.

2) And does an improved diet that lowers body fat results in less body fat, therefore less cellulite?

It is a common misconception that if you have cellulite it means you are overweight. Even top athletes develop cellulite. As with hydration, eating a well balanced diet will have many body and skin benefits.
Easting fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties can reduce you risk of developing cellulite. There are many factors at play: Age, Genetics etc. but correct lifestyle can reduce the risk of cellulite developing.

3) Do you advocate exercise to encourage lymphatic drainage? And is it true that when lymph fluid’s white blood cells get backed up, they can contribute to appearance of cellulite?

Exercise is great for body tone and general health, with regard to cellulite exercise can improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Being in shape with good circulation will have the skin looking healthy and that alone will reduce the visibility of cellulite, but unfortunately it will not remove cellulite.

Another benefit of exercise is that it should keep you weight pretty stable, which will also reduce the risk of new cellulite formation.

4) What non-invasive cellulite treatment can you recommend that will help melt fat? What are you seeing good results with?

Remember that Cellulite is not fat, although many people treat it as such. In my opinion VelaShape II is the best non-invasive treatment option for cellulite. VelaShape II combines deep tissue massage, Infrared and Bi-Polar Radio-frequency technologies to eradicate cellulite.

In most cases 2 or 3 sessions will be required and each session lasts roughly 30 – 40 minutes, so the treatment schedule will fit easily into your daily schedule. At Medi-Sculpt we bundle our VelaShape II treatments and the cost is R5000 per 6 treatments.

5) And then, is there a more radical treatment that you also think is worth booking for? Maybe for really stubborn cellulite?

If you were dead-set on undergoing more invasive treatments for cellulite then liposuction would be your answer. That said laser assisted liposuction will produce better results than traditional liposuction. I do not perform liposuction or laser assisted liposuction in my rooms but I will refer you to a fully qualified plastic surgeon for the safest possible results.


1) What scarring concerns do you see with your black female patients? What’s top-of-mind for them?

The biggest scar concern with not only black patients but also all darker skinned patients is keloid formation. Keloids are a risk following any injury and that incudes aesthetic treatments, so they are always a concern.

2) The treatment of keloid scarring: can a doctor shrink it and kill the itch by injecting the scar with cortisone, which reduces inflammation and puts the brakes on collagen production? Or is there another form of treatment/procedure you recommend?

There is no one single treatment for keloid scarring. Location, size and depth all play a role in the treatment course. Treatment options include: Laser, excision, freezing and of course cortisone injections.
Cortisone injections are quick, easy and painless. They are normally administered once per month until the keloid has flattened. Remember though there is no guarantee and most people will still be left with some visible scar

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