While it is easy to tell that people with different skin colours should use different make-up colours and styles, but does the skincare that we give to your skin need to be specific to your ethnicity? Does our skin have a different structure and therefore different needs, if it is black, brown, olive or white?

Our skin colour is determined primarily by our genes and relates to where in the world our original ancestors came from. Darker skins tend to be protective in sunnier climates, while pale skin is ideal for where it is cooler. The colour itself comes from the melanin in the skin and this is controlled by the exposure to sunlight, so this makes perfect sense. Over time our skin has developed the colour that best suited our environment.

Fair skinned people tend to:

  • Have dry skin that is thinner
  • Heal quickly from injury with fewer scars
  • Show signs of ageing earlier
  • Burn in the sun leading to wrinkles and sun spots and higher incidences of skin cancer
  • Bruise more easily and obviously

Olive/Asian skinned people tend to:

  • Age later and with fewer wrinkles
  • Scar more easily
  • Have cartilage that droops more easily
  • Have lowered risk of skin cancer or sun related skin issues

Black skinned people tend to:

  • Have far fewer wrinkles and only fine lines appear
  • Develop keloid scarring
  • Have thicker cartilage
  • Have much less chance of skin cancer
  • Be rarely affected by sun related skin issues

While the differences may seem to be minor, one of the most common is the way different skin types and colours react to sunlight and this is where most ageing occurs. When it comes to beauty regimes and treatments it is important to factor in the amount of time spent in the sun and how this has affected the skin.

For beauty therapists pale skins will tend to require more care when it comes to preventing the effects of the sun, while darker skins require more care when it comes to underlying structure.

At Medi-sculpt we go to great lengths to understand your skin type and always take into account the genetic makeup of your skin colour and type. Call for one of our free consultations to find out the best way to care for your skin.