Once taboo, more and more women and men from a wide range of social backgrounds are nowadays opening up to undergoing aesthetics procedures to augment and rejuvenate their appearance. Trends in aesthetics treatments show that more people are moving away from surgical procedures to less invasive treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels or micro-needling due to shorter recovery time and less complications. People today want treatments that help them preserve their natural look, rather than undergoing extreme changes.


According to a study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, since 1997 non-surgical procedures have gone up a stunning 461%. Additionally, since 2000 soft tissue fillers procedures increased by 205%. This does not come as a surprise if we have a look at the amount of use cases dermal fillers have, as well as the ease of getting the procedure done. From restoring loss of volume into the cheek area, to sculpting and lifting the sagging parts of the face or improving wrinkles and folds, dermal fillers are the go-to procedure if you’d like a more refreshed appearance.


Regardless of the area you’d like to rejuvenate, to avoid complications, dermal filler injections should only be administered by a certified doctor. During your consultation you should be receiving a personalized treatment to help you achieve the desired results. It’s always tempting to request more however, it is always better to place less and add more later, so that the changes to your appearance are gradual and natural. An experienced doctor should be able to give advice on the amount of dermal filler you need and match the correct amount to your desired results. Remember, results are always better when the right amount of filler is injected however, when a critical point is reached, dermal fillers will make you look worse.


Here are some good examples on how dermal fillers can become your friend or very quickly, your foe:


  1. Perfectly defined cheekbones vs. Maleficent cheekbones

With age, cheeks tend to flatten, the fat pads underneath begin to deflate, and start falling downwards and inwards, exacerbating the nasolabial folds. Done correctly, dermal fillers have the ability to restore volume, definition and structure in your cheekbones, as well as restore your facial proportions. Done wrong, instead of a rejuvenated, youthful look you’ll end up looking like a supervillan such as Maleficent.


  1. Apple cheeks vs. pillow face look


photo credit: www.drsiew.com

Apple cheeks or round, prominent cheeks have always been a desired facial feature for women. Usually women start visiting an aesthetics doctor once they realize dermal fillers are the solution to combat sagging and flatten cheeks and request a more youthful appearance.


Did you ever wonder how do so many celebrities over 40 still manage to look fresh and vibrant? The secret is dermal fillers injections in the cheeks area done right. But what happens when you go too far and you fall prey to overfilling the cheeks area? You end up with an unnatural, inappropriate look for your age. The whole mid-face becomes one continuous bulge, and your eyes become smaller, just like a pillow. In men, we see another side effect from filling the cheeks up too much – their face becomes feminized and less masculine.


  1. V-shaped face vs. witch’s chin

A well-contoured jawline creates a youthful and attractive appearance, adding balance to the entire face but as we age, the jawline sags and the chin becomes less defined. Injecting dermal fillers into the chin and mid face, can help you preserve your natural beauty by creating volume which in turn supports and lifts the jawline creating the appearance of a more contoured jaw and chin.


If the right amount of fillers is used, the result is a beautifully contoured jawline, which creates a youthful and attractive V-shaped appearance, adding balance to the entire face. However, if you take the V-shaped appearance obsession too far, you will end up falling prey to a common filler problem – an overly pointy and sharp chin which resembles that of a witch’s.


  1. Well-defined nose vs. avatar nose

Just a few years ago, if you wanted your nose to look smaller, straighter or smoother you could either have a rhinoplasty or learn how to live with it. There was no other choice. Now, thanks to dermal fillers you can transform your entire facial profile in under 15 minutes by undergoing a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Using just the right amount of filler can help with defining the tip, straightening the dorsum, get a good front to back projection as well as give your nose a good proportion in comparison to your face. When too much filler is used, the result could end up being an unnatural broad nose just like the blue Navi aliens from the movie Avatar have.

  1. Full, round forehead vs. LuoHan fish forehead

The forehead plays a very important role in the shaping of the face and a full, round, smooth forehead, gives the illusion of a more feminine look. This is why more and more women are opting for dermal fillers to reshape their masculine-looking forehead and temples ares. When the right amount of dermal fillers is used, the forehead looks rounder, fuller, and more youthful. However, too much fillers put into the forehead and temples will cause you to look overly bloated, much like the Luohan fish.


How do you know you’ve had enough filler?


There is a fine line between looking youthful and vibrant and looking unnatural.

There is no set answer for all of us regarding how much dermal filler we need in order to preserve our natural beauty however, the most important things to remember before undergoing an aesthetics procedure is to always visit a certified, experienced doctor and to try to have an open and honest discussion around the problem you’d like to address.


Always opt for less and add more later. The best measure of knowing when you had the right amount of filler put in is your refreshed look. No one should be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic procedure.