Two of the most popular aesthetic treatments for men in 2016, says Dr Anuska Reddy of Medi-Sculpt Clinic, are chin augmentation, known as genioplasty, and rhinoplasty, popularly referred to as a “nose job”.

Men with weaker jawlines opt for augmentation and enhancement in the chin and jaw area. This gives a very athletic look and a strong chin, making the face more defined, masculine and balanced.

Computer imaging is used for all chin procedures, allowing the patient to see a “before” and “after” effect.

A curved implant which follows the natural shape of the face is used and inserted in a hidden incision under the chin. These implants are usually made of silicon.

This method blends in smoothly with the bone of the chin and provides the most aesthetic results.

The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s personal request.

Facial fillers also create changes in the chin and are a more simple procedure but are more of a temporary measure.

Jaw augmentation is sometimes also an option for patients having chin surgery or fillers.

It seems that woman are not the only ones who sometimes dislike the nose they were born with and want to improve on nature.

Besides the many cosmetic treatments on offer to men at Dr Reddy’s surgery in Ruimsig, there is also the very popular option of rhinoplasty.

Whether you want to look like Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise rhinoplasty can make your nose bigger, smaller, correct bumps or other defects and completely alter the appearance of your face.

Rhinoplasty involves surgery and incisions are made inside the nose by a surgeon, accessing the bones and cartilage of the nose and removing same or inserting extra tissue.

The operation usually requires an overnight stay in hospital and general or local anaesthetic is used.

Once he has the face he feels he deserves he can move on to some of the other treatments on offer at Medi-Sculpt. After all, looking good is part of taking care of business for today’s man and is considered a completely acceptable part of a modern healthy lifestyle.

The five most popular treatments among male clients at the clinic are:

Botulinum toxin (this soften frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet);

Chemical peels(reduce pore size, treat oily and rough skin and give a healthy looking complexion);

Dermal Fillers (these reduce the appearance of nose to mouth lines);

Dermal Fillers (add volume to the chin and cheeks);

Thermavein (reduce facial redness and veins on the face).

Move over Brad Pitt …