It seems strange to think that fat women were prized in societies prior to our own. The cavewoman’s diet did not contain adipogenic (fat cell number-increasing) and lipogenic (fat cell size-increasing) foods which are thought to contribute to plumpness but a well covered Neolithic earth goddess, who had access to more food, was thought to be able to survive famine and be fertile. And yes, she had cellulite – lots of it. In fact, she had cellulite on her cellulite.

How perceptions of beauty change. Today’s 21st century women fight against cellulite with every ounce of their strength, declaring that there is no worse sight than “hail damage” wrapped up in a G-string.

However, even female athletes, skinny woman and movie stars have cellulite, as Heat magazine keeps reminding us.
When the unflattering, harsh sun strikes at just the right angle on the beach even a bikini’d Keira Knightley or Jay Lo has cellulite. And Kim Kardashian declared: “I have cellulite like almost every woman on the planet.”

So cellulite is not a fat-storing Darwinian response to the possibility of famine but it is the most stubborn form of fat on the body. A sedentary, sugar-consuming lifestyle does not help cellulite, in fact it exacerbates it, but its existence is blamed on smoking, stress, fluid retention, hormones, thinner skin and a host of other factors.

But what is cellulite? It is normal fat held in its framework of collagen just beneath the skin that pushes against the connective tissue, causing it to dimple. Cellulite concerns the structure of the skin, not necessarily your levels of fitness or weight.

Whatever the cause, even though 80 percent of women across the globe suffer from cellulite they all want to be as cellulite-free as possible.

Good diet and exercise will stop you from looking as though you need panelbeating but for those hard to remove bits on the thighs and the back of the buttocks you can visit Medi-Sculpt Clinic, who offer two very effective cellulite-combating methods.

The first is VELASHAPE II, a FDA approved bodyshaping procedure, which uses radiofrequency and light energy combined with mechanical massage to reduce and shrink the actual fat cells and chambers which cause cellulite. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with smoother looking skin.

The second is called the ULTIMATE 3D CELLULITE PACKAGE. This combines Velashape II with fat dissolving injections and collagen induction threads for those fat cells which are bursting their bonds through the collagen in your body.