Tolerant of cultural and personal differences, and confident in themselves and most things, Millennials are not afraid to try aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. They see aesthetic treatments as a way to enhance their lifestyle and appearance, rather than waiting until later in life to address them.


A survey led by American aesthetic news website ZALEA suggests that 40% of millennials have either undergone a cosmetic procedure or are considering one in the next year. They tend to take better care of themselves and they are willing to change what they perceive as flaws at a faster rate compared with Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. Plus, they spend so much time on social media that it is no surprise they are being swayed by key influencers and celebrities talking about which treatments they’re having done. The other reasons for choosing to undergo a nonsurgical aesthetics procedure include wanting to preserve their youth, feeling better about themselves, wanting to always look fresh.


The Millennial’s approach to beauty is proactive. A new trend emerging is the use non-invasive procedures for preventative aging rather than correcting the aging process. Millennials are willing to invest in their appearance and the products they use. That’s why they tend to do quite a lot of research on the Internet to find the right physician to address their needs. Although they are comfortable with aesthetics treatments and talking about it, Millennials are looking for natural-looking results and an aesthetics doctor who can provide those results.


Within the Millennial demographic, the largest group of patients is female starting earlier in their 20s. As they don’t need any major work done, they opt for non-invasive procedures such as Botox injections or dermal fillers to prevent any possible damage to their skin in the future while leaving their appearance refreshed and rejuvenated.


More and more millennials are requesting Botox injections to prevent wrinkle formation as opposed to correcting the wrinkles once they appear. Research shows that the average age of a new BOTOX user is now about 25 years old.


Fillers are also a great tool for fighting off the aging process and enhancing your appearance. Wanting fuller lips, fuller cheeks, and to correct their facial symmetry and enhance their look while still looking like themselves, Millennials choose dermal fillers to plump and fill areas of the face. Lips and under the eyes are the most popular areas for dermal fillers, as this is where you see the loss of volume. Plus, we can’t deny the influence Kylie Jenner has had over the popularity of the lips enhancement treatment.


As part of their preventative skincare regimen, Millennials regularly opt for chemical peels and facials to keep their skin healthy and revitalized. Chemical peels can deliver certain skin benefits like reversing melasma and breakouts better than high-tech devices such as lasers. By removing old surface cells, they improve fine lines, acne and discoloration for all skin types and colors. They can also correct age spots, skin tone, freckles, melasma, sun damage, and some peels can even freshen the skin through exfoliation.


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