As we get older it somehow becomes less important to worry about our looks and we often begin to understand that our inner beauty is just as important. While all of us, want to look healthy and vibrant, we also want to feel as though we can take on the world. This has a lot to do with being healthy, staying mentally active and feeding our souls.

Connecting body and soul

For some of us there is a disconnect between the way we look on the outside and the way we present ourselves on the outside. That can run in both directions. This is where cosmetic procedures and treatments can really help to bring the two together. We offer a number of treatments that help women and men to restore their youthful good looks. These include cheek and chin augmentation, fillers, peels, botox and more.

However, what happens when we have looked after our skin and our bodies, used cosmetic treatments where needed and established a great beauty routine that works and yet we still feel like something is missing? What can we do to allow our insides to catch up with our outside?

This is about capturing that sense of pride and excitement that led you to improve the way you look and apply it to your inside emotional core. No matter how beautiful you still are – if you can’t enjoy yourself, what is the point?

Finding pleasure

As we age we need to find pleasure in different things. For you it may be playing with your grandchildren, meeting up with friends, going on holiday or learning new skills. For people who have now finished working, the importance of these things is even more profound. It simply makes sense to fill your days with events and β€œwork” that you find fulfilling. That may include volunteering or working with younger people to help them to learn the skills you have.

Our approach

When someone comes into my clinic I assess their needs based both on their requirements to do with their skin or looks, but also based on their lifestyle. Those people who are happy and fulfilled are also the best candidates for treatments. They have the confidence to really put their new look to the test.

Is it time for you to improve your inner beauty and let me take care of the outer beauty?