One of the most sensual and evocative parts of a woman’s face – the lips. Without saying a single word, subtle constant messages are sent nonetheless. The shape, contours, shadows and fullness of the lips intrigue us and captivate us all at a very unconscious level. Different shades of lipstick, glosses and other techniques to highlight the lips are almost an art form unto themselves as the lips draw our attention and interest.

A woman’s lips should always be a focus of attention for their beauty and allure. Sensual, attractive lips that draw the eye and the imagination in a non-verbal way are a wonderful thing. But when lips which were previously full begin to thin, or lines begin to bleed into the border of the lips, even the most expensive and expertly applied lip make-ups fall short. Lips lacking body and shape and which have lost some of their subtle curvatures and style or become “a thin strip of red” send negative messages that suggest ageing and loss of sensuality. Restoring the lips (or bringing out shapes and fullness that were never really there) brings it all back, and then some.

Do you feel like your lips could be plumper or have more luscious volume? Many of us look in the mirror and are dissatisfied by the fact that the upper lip is too thin compared to the lower. Some women find the need to use additional lip liner or make-up to create an illusion of fullness. Lip sculpting is an innovative way of applying an injectable to the components of the lip thus enhancing its attractive features. Namely, the red of the lip can be enhanced by rolling the lip outward. The little dimple area in the center of the upper lip can be accentuated to “show off” the Cupid’s bow (the term for the little depression above the center of the upper lip). The volume of the lip can be enhanced to make thin or tight lips more fleshy and luscious. The bottom lip can be accentuated by plumping it so that it becomes more attractive as well. Beware of amateur injectors who simply augment the lips (fill them up) without being mindful of the lip anatomy. The lips have a specific contour and if they are carelessly filled up they may appear unnaturally balloon like.

The most important part of lip sculpting is the creation of a natural cosmetically pleasing result. A successfully sculpted lip should not attract the attention of having been “done” and that is what we are good at!
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