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  • Fat Melting Injections

    Featherbrookes Dr Anushka Reddy on being…

  • Filling The Lines

    Featherbrookes Dr Anushka Reddy on being…

  • Health Icons

    How do you choose an aesthetic practitioner?

  • Acne Scars No More

    Did you know that an estimated 85% of the global population has at some point suffered from an acne breakout? It makes sense then that a large percentage of the population continues to struggle with the self-esteem and psychological trauma caused by the inevitable and subsequent scarring.

  • Sun-kissed or…

    First the sunbed was blacklisted and self-tan potions became our saving grace, and now aesthetic physical Dr Anushka Reddy warns that not all self-tans are equal

  • Age Me Perfect

    How do you slow down the ageing process? Here we give you some tip son what you can and can’t do…

  • Beyond Botox

    In our quest for eternal youth, we bring you the latest emerging non-surgical treatments to help thwart the ageing process.

  • Looking Back…

    Aesthetic Trends for 2014

  • They Look Poutrageous

    The “trout pout” is back – and doctors warn that the latest technique is the most dangerous yet.

  • Vanity Fair

    Women begged to be injected at an aesthetic-medicine meeting in Sandton, but it can all go horribly wrong…

  • Botox Myths Debunked

    It’s a name that is bandied about, and everyone seems to be doing it…

  • Inspired Choices for 2013

    When it comes to non-invasive anti-ageing procedures, inspired choices abound and each offers the opportunity of an outcome that will help you feel great about yourself.

  • Dangers of Facial Fillers

    We have all seen – and laughed at – pictures of “trout pout” celebrities, those who went overboard with collagen injections.

  • Your Guide To Ageless Beauty

    When it comes to getting the best out of your body and beauty, timing is everything.

  • Check Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Papers

    South Africans are putting their bodies at risk when, in their quest to look younger, they turn to inadequately trained general practitioners for breast lifts and liposuction.

  • From Dull To Clear

    Do you battle with dull skin? Address it during your lunch hour!

  • Chemical Facial Sculpture

    When Lisa Hattingh turned 40, she treated yourself to an ‘injectable facelift’ – the go-to for women who want results without the surgery.

  • Get Sexy

    How to feel your sexual best from your 20’s to your 50’s and beyond.

  • No Sweat With Botox

    For those of us who suffer from the somewhat awkward condition that is excessive sweating…

  • Botox Bulletin

    If you’re planning to have treatment with Botox, first brush up on your knowledge about the procedure.

  • Sonbruin

    ‘n Bruin gebrande lyf kan jou ‘n paar kilogram lighter en meer soepel laat lyk.

  • Tired And…

    You trust them to help make you look younger, so what about the aesthetic specialists themselves? We asked those who work in the youth-regenerating industry to share their secrets to keeping their face and body looking 10 years younger.

  • Botox Myths Debunked

    It’s a name that is bandied about, and everyone seems to

  • Face Lifters for the Knife Nervous

    When needles are a no-no , facials with a little techno clout can give you a line-smoothing and skin-firming result

  • Slowing the Hands of Time

    The face hasn’t aged, but best not raise those grisly old hands lest you be betrayed!

  • Smoother Operators

    More SA women face up to non-surgical solutions

  • Goodbye to Heavy Mornings

    Say goodbye to heavy mornings with Thalgo’s new 3-in-1 “Look Good” fluid.

  • Hands on Approach

    When it comes to beauty, nothing looks more desirable and beautiful than a glowing complexion and youthful skin – free of wrinkles and age spots.

  • if I Could Turn Back Time

    What happened when Eldaleen Hugo decided to take the plunge and investigate some of the latest anti-ageing treatments for more youthful and radiant skin?

  • Sweating

    Sweating and bad body odour have developed an overt air of social repugnance and nature’s irony is that the more anxious we feel about it, the more our bodies perspire.

  • Call Me Doctor

    Dr Anushka Reddy is one of the best-dressed and most beautiful doctors in the country, and she has no qualms dispensing with glamour to deal with the horrors of the world.

  • Reddy Steady

    Anushka Reddy is beaming. At six months pregnant, perhaps it’s the glow of an expectant mother.

  • Juvederm Fillers

    Non-surgical procedure to even and smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Cutting-Edge Mom

    Ask Dr Anushka Reddy how she manages to run a busy non-invasive cosmetic surgery clinic in Johannesburg and look after her two children…

  • Lift Your Looks

    Botox is the celebrity line eraser of choice, but if you’re fretting about it’s safety credentials, then we can fill you in.

  • Spring Renewal

  • Fantastic, Fearless and Confident

  • Jaw Dropping Good Looks

    Dr Anushka Reddy of the Johannesburg Medi-Sculpt Clinic explains the role of Botox injections in the treatment of bruxism (condition caused by teeth grinding)

  • Facelift Without Surgery?

    Your best options by Dr Anushka Reddy

  • Skin Deep

    For years, the art of laser resurfacing has been instrumental in the elimination of facial pigmentation marks

  • Ageing is Natural

    Ageing is a natural process, but according to Dr Anushka Reddy who is a non-invasive surgeon, there are medical procedures today that allow one to still retain ones youthful beauty

  • Skin Care – Hands on Approach

    When it comes to beauty, nothing looks more desirable and beautiful…

  • Removal by Laser

    Gone are the days when tattoos were considered taboo and only associated with bikers, gangsters and societal deviants.

  • The Liquid Face Lift

    Johannesburg-based aesthetic physician, Dr Anushka Reddy, discusses a revolutionary new face-lift procedure that does not require surgery.

  • A Trip Down Sensory Lane

    Sneak a peak into our beauty ed’s diary – Zanele Kumalo has been hunting down the tips, trends and treatments that’ll keep you gorgeous this season and beyond

  • Flutter Those Eyelashes

  • Medical Chronical

  • People Magazine

  • The Monte Carlo Make Over

    The 8th Euromedicom conference was hosted in Monaco in April and I had the privilege of attending this most exciting event where the leaders in the fields of aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine came together to share ideas.

  • Times Live

  • Top Billing

  • Unpack Those Eye Bags

  • Cellulite Bytes

    Cellulite – we all dread it! What’s worse is that this nuisance seems to have a hard time disappearing.

  • Dry Sensitive Skin

    Sooth your skin with these tips from Dr Reddy.

  • Get Your Shin On

    For smoother skin and a youthful glow, oils could be your secret beauty ally.

  • People Magazine

  • Eliminate Cellulite

    What is it? Cellulite is a problem that plagues all women. But with the introduction of the Velashape II, this problem is a thing of the past.

  • Beeld August 2010

  • Focus on Hands

    The skin on the back of your hands is extremely delicate and very thin…

  • The Chemical Peel

    The chemical peel uses a chemical solution, usually an acid, to ‘peel’ away the top layers of the epidermis in order to improve conditions such as acne, irregular pigmentation or wrinkles.

  • Anti-Ageing Breakfast

    Longevity magazine hosted a fact-filled anti-ageing talk with experts in the industry.

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  • SABC 3 Afternoon Express with Jeanine D

  • Dr. Reddy discussing the aesthetics industry

  • My Top Billing Dream: Top 10’s Spa day

  • Dr. Reddy discusses Cosmedica & Scaar FX

  • Angles on Gospel One with Dr Reddy

  • A Day with Dr Anushka Reddy on Top Billing